Every day is a learning day



Hope you are all well?  Here is a wee video I made for you about what you should think about when buying your skincare and some useful questions I would ask myself.

Is it a cruelty free product?

Does it contain active ingredients?

Is it recyclable?

Have I bought it because I saw an add on social media and doe is actually suit my skin type?

Do I know what the ingredients will actually do for my skin?

Is the ingredient in the product exfoliating, if it was you could be exfoliating too much and will this may compromise your skin barrier, resulting in adverse reactions.

Should I use the same products in the winter and summer?

Do my products compliment one another?

How long will it last

Does it have a shelf life?

Some interesting chats I have had recently and online shopping has never been so appealing.  Just have a think about the questions above before you impulse buy