Products for Dry Skin

Catering to the unique needs of dry skin with our selection of nourishing skincare essentials.

Say goodbye to flakiness and discomfort with our range of hydrating formulas designed to replenish moisture and restore suppleness to parched skin.

From rich moisturisers to soothing serums and gentle exfoliants, each product is expertly crafted to provide intense hydration and promote a soft, luminous complexion.

Embrace the comfort and radiance of healthy, hydrated skin and explore our collection today.


Prior to purchasing products for the first time, customers are required to attend a consultation appointment to ensure that the products are suitable for their individual needs and skin type.

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Relaxing Salon Experience

Our commitment to putting our customers first and creating the very best impression has seen us win ‘Decléor Aroma Gold Scotland Regional Salon Winner’ in both 2007 and 2008.

Regular and refresher training allows our fully qualified beauty therapist to continually offer you the best and most up-to-date treatments with the added peace of mind that you are in professional hands. Based in Aberdeen, Glow Skin & Beauty offers a very extensive range of treatments.

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